New Toyota Trucks in Rockville

Toyota Trucks Put in a Hard Day's Work Every time


The truck segment was born under spacious skies and in amber waves of grain. American through and through, trucks muster images of hard work and freedom, but while it does not get more patriotic than a truck, stateside automakers are not all truck drivers flock to. Instead, overseas brands like Toyota stand out amongst iconic, even century-old domestic brands. The Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra carry on the Toyota brand tradition of reliability, durability and outstanding capability.

Sharing a brand and commitment to quality, the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra share prominent features. Both are off-roading confident, luxury-lined, cutting edge technology enriched and award-winning safety equipped. Each invites chaos, inside and out, but conquers it effortlessly.

But for every similarity, the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra are recognizably different.

With its mid-size dimensions, the Toyota Tacoma is easier to maneuver and boasts better fuel economy. The Toyota Tacoma is for everyday driving, though it still lets you tow, haul and put in a hard day's work, its proportions are ideal for city driving and its fuel economy invites you to take a road trip. If you don't need excessive space and power to check off your to-do list, then a Toyota Tacoma is the perfect fit.

As its intimidating stature suggests, the Toyota Tundra is powerful. The greater engine might translate into heftier hauling capabilities compared to the Toyota Tacoma. Whether you need to haul a boat or a trailer, the Toyota Tundra rises to the occasion. Additionally, the Toyota Tundra is cavernous. It cabin arrangement keeps all passengers comfortable, while inventive storage solutions and versatility adapts to unique cargo-carrying needs. The Toyota Tundra is ideal for growing families and those looking for extra strength to accommodate oversized loads.

At DARCARS 355 Toyota Rockville, we host both these impressive trucks in our new Toyota inventory. Should you be interested in making one of these trucks yours, consider joining us here in Rockville, where we serve the greater Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Washington DC region. Have our associates get you fitted for a test drive and established with lucrative financing opportunities.

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